Our Services

  1.  Document Storage in Boxes and file collections;
  2. We offer Standard Boxes to store your documents and files.
    We make it simple to move and store your business records off-site. You pack your documents ; we convey them to our secure facility. When you need them back, we return them.
    Service at Your Doorstep
    We make all the arrangements from Document Collection to Document Shredding for You at your door step.
    Secure transportation
    When we move your data, you can be confident of its high security every step of the way. Your tapes are securely transported under lockdown, using our own fleet of vehicles, specially adapted to transport media.
    Perfect storage conditions
    Once at Archivals, data is stored in highly protected facilities in low-risk areas , CCTV,video,surveillance,and highly trained, rigorously screened staff look after them

  3. Cataloguing and indexing
  4. Individual documents contain numerous levels and classes of information. Indexing it in standard fields makes it easier to find the documents you need quickly.

  5. Scan-on-Demand & bulk document scanning services;
  6. Even though we have heard about the paperless office for over a decade, most businesses still have 95% of their information laying on desks and filed away in cabinets. This creates a host of problems for businesses. Businesses are now required to properly maintain financial records. That includes being able to retrieve them when required.
    A document scanning service will transfer your paper records into electronic copies. The electronic copies are now available to anyone with access to the document database. Any document can be quickly found using keywords. If a hard copy is required it can be printed and once used, shredded and recycled.
    Another problem of paper records is the difficulty in sharing documents across locations and departments. Once a document is in an electronic format they are easily shared with anyone who has access to the company network. There is no longer a need to keep copies of frequently accessed documents in several places. Forms can now be sent via email instead of postal mail or overnight delivery for further cost savings.

  7. Secure document storage;
  8. Security at every stage - by handling each step of the process. we offer security all the way from collection to destruction.

  9. Retrieval and delivery services;
  10. Retrieval of documents can be done in two ways: 1) you can request scanning and we will make it available to you. 2) We can also deliver the original documents to you.

  11. Shredding services
  12. We provide for secure shredding of documents as per your document storing policy.

Our Approach

We help you focus on your core business by taking the hassle out of paper-based business processes.
1. Receive documents
Documents are received through multiple channels (paper, e-mails, etc.) and sorted for immediate processing at one of our centres.
2. Extract information
Critical information is extracted from the original paper document to create a digital file.
3. Validate information
All your documents undergo rigorous checks to achieve high data accuracy.
4. Support business decision
Digital files are submitted to be processed according to your agreed business rules.
5. Transfer
Data and image files are sent for further processing.
6. Report & evaluate
We provide regular reports that help you to understand and better manage your business processes.